Refer a Patient

When you refer to Jovive Wound Care, we keep you informed of your patients’ progress so you can continue to provide them with the best care. We are now open and accepting new patients!

Outpatient Wound Care Redefined 

At Jovive Health, we are redesigning wound care services in the outpatient setting with the patient and referring provider in mind. We deploy the latest techniques, backed by technology and care coordination services, to enhance healing and remission rates, minimize infections and complications, and achieve enduring results.

Our wound care program addresses a range of conditions with specialized treatments. 

Jovive Urgent Care

Acute traumatic wounds

Jovive Urgent Care

Muscle and fascia level wounds

Jovive Urgent Care

Vascular ulcers

Jovive Urgent Care

Venous stasis ulcers

Jovive Urgent Care

Diabetic foot ulcers

Jovive Urgent Care

Non-diabetc neurophathic ulcers 

Jovive Urgent Care

Pressure ulcers

Jovive Urgent Care

Other slow or non-healing wounds

Experience Wound Care Analytics

Our custom-build Wound Care Analytics platform visually tracks wound progress and closure rates, offering detailed documentation and analytics for improved care management.

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Care Coordination

We alleviate gaps in care, allowing patients to be fully present at visits and be supported by their other care providers. Our education-focused approach inspires hope, ensuring patients feel heard and motivated to follow instructions. As a referring provider, our technology platform will keep you consistently updated with detailed insights into your patients’ progress.

A Seamless Experience 

We aim to be an extension of your care. You and your patients will receive regular updates and a collaborative partner throughout wound recovery, with a warm handoff back to you for ongoing care. 

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