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Specialized to Heal Complex Wounds.


Chronic wounds that don’t heal on their own can greatly impact your health and quality of life. Jovive Wound Care has a team of highly-trained specialists with experience to prevent complications and promote faster healing, less scarring, and lasting outcomes.

Fast access to specialists

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Care Coordination

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Comprehensive Services

We offer a wide range of wound services to treat poorly-healing, or chronic wounds, diabetic foot ulcers, and venous stasis ulcers. We offer the following services, among others:

Antibacterial treatment

Compression therapy


Biopsy/resection of skin lesions

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Faster Healing

By integrating intensive training, innovated technology, and proven protocols, we enhance healing and remission rates, minimize infections and complications, and achieve enduring results. 

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Reduced Total Cost of Care

As an outpatient practice, Jovive Wound Care eliminates facility fees and is located in patients’ community, reducing travel and making it easier for patients to complete treatment without relapse. 

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Care Coordination

We alleviate gaps in care, allowing patients to be fully present at visits and be supported by their other care providers. Our education-focused approach inspires hope, ensuring patients feel heard and motivated to follow instructions. 

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Designed Around Patients, Grounded in Results

Our Unique Approach Leads to Better Care & Outcomes

Leading Timely Wound Care Management | Wound care is an especially urgent course of treatment. Under the leadership of board-certified Emergency Medicine physicians, we offer fast, easy access to specialists that provide high-quality wound care. We follow evidence-based strategies like PAD screening, debridement, and compression therapy that reduce hospital admissions, amputation, and mortality rates.

An Engineered Experience to Optimize Healing | From start to recovery, we’re simplifying wound care. Built-in navigation services remove barriers, offering transportation arrangements auxiliary care coordination, personalized support, care team communication, and proactive two-way pre-and post-visit communication via phone, text, or email. We develop attainable courses of treatment, follow up regularly, measure results, and celebrate achievements alongside patients.

Technology Driven Advancements | Our custom-built Wound Care Analytics (WCA) platform visually tracks wound size, progress, and closure rates over time. It’s instrumental for optimizing patients outcomes, offering referring providers comprehensive documentation and analytic reports. By rigorously tracking essential parameters required by the United Sates Wound Registry, we propel ourselves to the forefront of wound care management.  

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Wound care requires a multifactorial approach to achieve success. In the outpatient setting, we focus on initiating innovative treatments and working closely with the rest of your healthcare team to help heal your wounds. Together we want to empower patients on their road to recovery.

Vera Vanderkraan, DO
 Medical Director

Vera Vanderkraan, DO
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What to expect

Patient Referral

When you refer to us, you’ll know your patients wounds are being overseen by a highly-trained physicians throughout their course of treatmtent.

Technology platform to consistently update you on patient progress

Coordination services that integrate care to ensure a seamless return to your care