At Jovive Wound Care, we offer advanced wound and ostomy services using evidence-based practices we ensure the highest quality of care with compassion and dedication. Our certified nurses and multidisciplinary team are here to support your healing journey.

We understand the unique challenges individuals face when dealing with ostomy. Our dedicated team of Wound, Ostomy, and Continence (WOC) specialists are committed to providing comprehensive care and support to patients with disorders of the digestive, urinary, and skin systems.

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Understanding Ostomy Care

Ostomy involves managing stomas—surgically created openings in the abdomen for waste elimination—by maintaining the stoma and surrounding tissue and using external or internal pouches. This care is vital for the health and quality of life of anyone who has undergone ostomy surgery for various urinary or digestive conditions.

Types of Ostomies We Treat:

Colostomy: an opening (stoma) in the abdomen, connecting the colon to the stoma for waste elimination

Ileostomy: Similar to colostomy, but the stoma is formed from the small intestine.

Urostomy: Creates a stoma for urine elimination after bladder removal or dysfunction, using a piece of intestine.


What to Expect During Your Ostomy Care Appointment 

  • Skin Assessment: We will carefully assess your skin for any tears, stress, or signs of infection, providing education on proper care between visits.
  • Wound Care Planning: Our team will work with you to create a personalized wound care plan tailored to your specific needs.
  • Prevention Strategies: For immobile patients, we will develop strategies to prevent bedsores and skin ulcerations.
  • Treatment: We administer wound care treatments, including wound dermabrasion and other necessary interventions.
  • Education: Post-operative education on caring for your stoma and using your pouching system.
  • Product Fitting: Assistance with finding the correct products for your changing body contours and stoma.
  • Skin Care: Solutions for resolving skin irritations and guidance on proper skin care techniques.
  • Counseling and Support: Addressing questions about traveling, exercising, intimacy, and odor management, along with ongoing counseling and support throughout your journey.

Jovive Approach

Our primary goals revolve around promoting optimal healing, reducing scarring, and ensuring long-lasting results. Through the utilization of cutting-edge techniques, we strive to enhance closure rates and provide utmost comfort throughout the healing process. As a practice entirely owned and led by physicians, our facilities in Loma Linda, CA, and Mission Viejo, CA, are dedicated to your overall wellness. Entrust your care to Jovive Wound Care for personalized and specialized treatment tailored to your individual needs.


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I’ve seen first-hand how proper wound treatment makes a tremendous impact on patients’ quality of life. I’m excited to take these successful hospital-based treatments and provide patients with easier access in this new outpatient clinic setting.

Bill Khoury, MD

Medical Director

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Wound care requires a multifactorial approach to achieve sucess. In the outpatient setting, we focus on initiating innovative treatment and working closely with the rest of your healthcare team to help heal your wounds. Together we want to empower patients on their road to recovery. 

Vera Vanderkrann, DO

Medical Director