This is the beginning of your healing journey. We are a group of trained wound care specialists here to help you in your home. We come to you through a combination of at-home and online visits, with physician oversight from start to recovery.


What to expect from your home visit

A certified physician associate or nurse practitioner will call you approximately 30 minutes prior to arriving at your home within the appointment window (8 a.m. to 12 p.m. for morning appointments; 12-5 p.m. for afternoon appointments). When they arrive, they will greet you by name and will answer any questions you may have about your wound.


During your visit, they will examine your wound for any changes, provide needed debridement or wound cleaning, and properly dress your wound. All of our providers strongly emphasize patient education. They will explain what they are doing and how you can take the best care of your wound and yourself. They will also schedule your next appointment for you.


Preparing for your video visit

You will need a mobile device with a camera that can receive text messages.


  1. Get our text: You’ll receive a text message at your appointment time from an unknown number stating that your doctor is preparing for you. Click the link provided in the text message.
  2. Enter the virtual waiting room: Click the big green button. If prompted, be sure to allow access to your microphone and camera.
  3. Start your visit: Enter your name and the reason for your visit. Your visit will automatically start as soon as your provider joins.


In between visits

You will receive detailed instructions on how to care for your wound, as well as tips to speed healing and make lasting healthy changes. If you have any questions about your wound or the instructions, don’t hesitate to call.


Patient Portal: message your provider

We strongly recommend all patients register for the patient portal. It provides online access to your medical record, visit summaries, and billing. What’s more, it provides a secure way to message your provider with any questions you may have to receive timely responses between visits.